Slave War


Islands in the sea of Brallas. Each island has a different predominant race. The largest island is Ozmot and it is known for being an isle of war and strife.


The races for this campaign are all the regular AD&D races except no elves and no halflings. Plus there are three new races:

  • Merfolk – this is a land-based race that is extremely water-centric. Their gods are all water oriented and they feel most comfortable in or around water. They cannot breathe underwater but they can hold their breath three times longer than a human can.
  • Phellysians – A fur-covered, feline humanoid race renowned for stealth, grace and agility. For more information see Khoras – Phellysians
  • Magrakians – A heavily built, very friendly, humanoid race with piggish features. For more information see Khoras – Magrakians

Slave War